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About me

Family Background

As a Frenchman, with italian name, living in Germany first. As a byproduct of colonialism also, as my father was born and raised in Marocco at a time when it was a French protectorate. The european settlers adopted large parts of the local culture, and kept them when coming back to France after decolonization. They are called Pied-noirs. This community has been despised by all sides at the aftermath of decolonization, up the topic is not much discussed still up until today.

My mother also spent many years of her youth in several African countries and kept a deep attachement to the continent, its richness in different cultures and populations, and communicated it to me.


As an individual

The word which best describes me is idealist. This term is often seen negatively and mixed up with naivety. However, synonyms are optimist, perfectionist, reformer, visionary, and utopianist. In the doctrines of philosophical idealism, as by representing things in an ideal form, or as they might or should be rather than as they are.

In order to come up with a strategy, a concept, find fields of improvement and solve problems for the better, this is actually the type of people you need. Indeed : how would the world look like, if there were no idealists who go beyond the established order, not being satisfied with things as they are, and offer a vision to go beyond it?

I am not naive, as I worked often in difficult contexts, with such topics as poverty, exclusion, persecution, discrimination, or even violence. To give more concrete examples, I have worked a while with mentally disabled children, in an LGBTI organization in Uganda, with underage refugees who came without their parents, and several projects involving homelessness and social inclusion in France and Germany.



Here is a list of my certificates chronologically:

  • 2-Year higher education training in Services and Benefits of the Health and Social Branches
  • Bachelor of Educational Sciences, specialization in Social Intervention
  • Master of Arts Intercultural Conflict Management
  • Master of Geopolitics and International Relations
  • Certificate of the Institute of International Studies and Development, Techniques and Policies of International Cooperation.
  • A Mediation training which meets the German regulation standards of the Bundesverband Mediation (BM).


What I stand for:

I uphold the values of humanism, equality, social justice, self-determination and respect of minorities. I stand for Human Rights and protection of minorities, diversity and inclusion. And I am committed to the ideal of social sustainability, which requires mutual understanding both between individuals and between cultures, in order to set a more peaceful environment. It also requires a culture of dialogue on a fair and equal basis.

Finally, I wish to help empowering and strengthening civil society initiatives and Social and Solidarity economy, and their impact, whether in the North or South. Indeed, I firmly believe grassroots initiatives have more potential to drive change than external or official initiatives. Their legitimacy is also higher. They should be encouraged and supported, as they are the best catalyst for change. For developing countries this is even more true, as strengthening democracy and giving civil society a greater role as counter-power would help the objective of a fairer North/South relationship.