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Mediation and Conflict Management

Alternative Conflict Resolution is gaining a lot of importance, in many fields. Nowadays, a growing number of big companies and organizations appoint a person to deal with conflicts, or even put an entire system in place.

Over a Master of Arts Intercultural Conflict Management, and a full mediation training enabling me to practice as a mediator, I gained a holistic, multi-disciplinary knowledge on conflicts.

Here are the services I offer:


1) Conflict Prevention:

Research and Identification of risks, Actor Mapping, Development of Guidelines, Strategies and Instruments to prevent and mitigate conflicts which may arise in the future.

Conflict prevention is often neglected, as it is not seen as having a major importance. However, there are many benefits:

Creating or increasing a caring environment, a culture of dialogue and mutual understanding, a sense of self-responsibility as well as a sense of belonging among the beneficiary group. These benefits go beyond a simple proactive measure to mitigate risks.


2) Mediation:

For ongoing conflicts, I act as an impartial, independant, professional and qualified third party who provides a frame within which the dialogue is facilitated in order to seek solutions. The process is confidential, structured, and depends on a large part on the willingness of the stakeholders to end the conflict.

It is important to note that the goal of the mediaton is not to find a solution FOR the stakeholders, but rather to make it possible for the stakeholders to find together and peacefully a solution. Indeed, the best solution is always the one on which stakeholders agree together. It is most of the times not what an impartial and external (third) party might have in mind. When a solution is found by a third party it is likely to be unsatisfactory for the stakeholders. Therefore, mediation acts as a catalyst to create a win-win situation where all stakeholders are fully satisfied. The outcome is nevertheless binding.