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I am experienced in the conception and conduct of workshops. Here are some examples of topics I can provide:

  • Non-violent communication
  • Intercultural sensitisation
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Development/Team Building
  • Finding strategies and goals for your organization


I also created some more original workshops, for instance :


Learn Team-building and Conflict management with Game of Thrones!

In order to ease the access to scientific knowledge and to provide the content in a relaxed manner, I developped over my work the idea to combine principals and instruments of Conflict Management and Group Dynamics together with elements of the popular books and TV-Show Game of Thrones.

The latter is not only entertaining, but also a neverending source of examples how groups behave and what the different possible ways to deal with conflicts are. For instance, every “House” has a specific structure and dynamics, both internally and externally. This offers a good insight to several kinds of behaviours in conflict situations and an opportunity to analyze them, or even to give food for thoughts on how to improve cooperation.

The result is a unique workshop which gives the opportunity to get into these important topics in a relaxed way.

It’s aimed at organizations and young businesses in order to provide tools and goals for team development or to find ways to improve teamwork. Both systemic and interpersonal conflicts are discussed.

In addition, I can conceive and conduct workshops in accordance to specific needs which may arise from the client’s side. In this case, prospective clients are highly invited to contact me in order to discuss the matter so we can find a solution specifically tailored for your needs.